Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY PC Flash Connector for NEX modifiying HVL-F7S

Update May 25th:
Yongnuo RF-603c transmitter merged onto/with the HVL-F7S

PC Port output on HVL-F7S (Sony NEX) without PREFLASH!!!  Started by fabianbono at
THANK YOU fabianbono for sharing !
Read also page 5 and on:
continued (because closing after 150 entries) with

Rework of Sony Flash HVL-F7S
Howto dismantle:  - he refers to Pate Ganzel, and here he says:
      "After some advice from Pete Ganzel (thanks allot) i started to take away the sides from the flash body. I don’t take any responsibilities if other doing the same. This modification will ruin the grantee of the Flash  and maybe also the Camera."
      - furthermore showing step by step how to dismantle the tiny Sony flash HVL-F7S. At describing his rework into a macro flash.  also showing this details.
Go to and enter the address

"the use of an opto-isolator would be safer for the camera. (eg MOC3030 + a resistance for LED)" Thanks j13l !

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