Monday, May 7, 2012

We see light in the tunnel ??

There might be a product available sometime in the future, which will solve the problem of the missing flash connection. An adapter, to be mounted on the feature connector on top of the camera, providing a hot shoe and a PC connector. I'm going to supply additional information, as soon as I get an answer on my questions concerning maximum trigger voltage, and the delivery time for this product. There has been a specific internet shop established, which is quite impressive for the first look, but in reality this adapter is the only product of the shop, and it leaves some questions in the open. Once this shop and their product has been proven to be serious, I'm also publishing its address.
Later on I like to report here also any experience gained when using this adapter.
The pricing is somewhat on the high side plus shipping costs, there is a second shop address available (for "Asia-Customer"?) promising no shipping costs.
As said, some questions are still open.
At this point of time, there is just pre-ordering (and pre payment) taking place. Hoping the planning is not also in the state of "pre".

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