Thursday, May 31, 2012

NEX Hotshoe Adapter - NEX-3, -5, -5N only

The "Schadow" NEX Hotshoe Adapter arrived three weeks after ordering (U.S.A. - E.U. - Customs - me).
Cover: plastic, mounting screw does not fit - does not permit to turn enough revolutions, it gives resistance and stops with the shoe still loose. The design of this construction is such, that you cannot hold the screw with two fingers when turning. This is a hassle even after the thread of the screw had been reworked. It seems to me, this hotshoe adapter has never ever seen a NEX in its short live before.
Rework: Can be opened very easy by loosening four screws. Rework the thread and make a slot in the head.
And now some pictures with remarks giving additional information. Click on the picture to see an enlarged view.

01 Mounting Screw - a standard M2.5mm Nut stops at this position

02 A standard M2.5 screw with square nut

03 Fits

04 A collection of M2.5 screws

05 With this design it is very difficult to tighten the screw, even when the thread is finally O.K. A slot in the head makes this an awful lot easier - but also the possibility to overtighten the screw: the thread in the bracket inside the camera has a thickness of about 1mm.


07 The label on the bottom is required to compensate for the missing quality-feeling. But the shoe is being delivered within a professional box made from cartoon, black finish, hard cushion inside - designed for safe transportation.


09 The Euro one cent coin should provide some comparison for size

10 Here shown are the pins being used, pin 5 syns (red wire), logic ground is on pin 4 (not being used) and 12 (black wire). The remaining 12 pins are connected to 12 pads on top, waiting for some hacker to be used, also providing room for improvements, expansions, additions. More details about the functions of these pins see within this blog, and also the links here provided.

11 The whole electronic within this shoe. Click on the picture

12 Pin 5 and 12 going here through the print to solder pads.

And finally two pictures taken with flash, the first one at 1/250s, second at 1/320s. (Standard for the NEX is 1/160s.)
NEX-5/V04, ISO 400, WB Flash.
Lens: 1:2.8 24mm ΓΈ55mm MINOLTA MD W. ROKKOR, F11, random distance.
Flash: Philips P532 Thyristor Computer, direkt, Wide, f 11, Automatic, 46V on its contacts to ignite the flash - but for a very limited period of time only.

Pictures have been taken late in the evening, sufficient light for the human eye but very low light for taking pictures. The LCD panel stayed black, nothing could be seen with the lens at F11. Nor is it possible to focus (old manual lens).

A lot of discussion can be read and participated here:
after 150 entries, this thread has been reopened at:

More testing and experience is needed with this hotshoe adapter.
Older "High-voltage" Flash units are not supported, how they can be reworked to make them fit is shown by this sample:
Flash 280V -› 6V

Another interesting project ist discussed here.
Yongnuo RF-603c transmitter merged onto/with the HVL-F7S:
See also two entries further within this blog.

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