Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The light can't be seen yet

The answer on my two questions in my mail was for a third I didn't ask at all. No mention on what we like to know. Hence my new reply, dated May 8th, 2012, as follows:
Hi J...
Your answer did not cover any one of my two questions.
#1 -   You are right, I also would not recommend the direct mounting of a heavy flash unit directly onto the hot shoe for mechanical reason. Now, think of it as mounted on a bracket and connected by a PC-cable. And based on that, the technical question:
What is the maximum trigger voltage of a flash unit connected to the adapter ?
For reference, to better understand this question, I provide two links:
#2 -   About logistic
how long is the delivery time for this product ?  How long will it last, when I put your product in the cart, payment immediately, until you are putting it into the mail ?
Is my english so bad ? Or shouldn't a six year old kid understand what I'm asking for ?
Or - he simply doesn't know !! And the product itself is just in the stage of some planning.
Stay tuned, I'll keep you updated on that immediately when any information arrives. Up to now - just silence.
Still silentium. May 24th: still silence on this bothersome mail.
Asking through different channel provided an answer for the delivery time, shipping just starts. For the order of one, shipping details have been provided.
See my entry above, May 31st 2012

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